myTamarin Narratives: Tailored Menopause Support

Published: 28/07/2023

User Story Series

Welcome to myTamarin Narratives - our user story series spotlighting some of our users and their experience with myTamarin support.

This week we are introducing you to Lisa (name has been changed for privacy purposes) who has access to myTamarin menopause support through her employer and who has been using it for the last few months after suffering with debilitating menopause symptoms following a hysterectomy a year ago. 

myTamarin: Lisa, thank you for speaking to us today - we really appreciate your time. Could you give us a bit of background behind why you decided to reach out to myTamarin for menopause support? 

Lisa: Of course. Sadly (and not uncommon) since the age of 14 I have struggled with accessing specialist support in female health. From experiencing unbearable period pains, being put on various contraceptive pills to manage this (which subsequently made things worse), and finally being diagnosed with endometriosis my journey has not been easy. 

After years of failed treatments, at the age of 32 I was finally told the only option left was a hysterectomy (removal of the womb). Obviously this is quite a stressful realisation for a 32 year old as it meant that the option to get pregnant was gone - but given how debilitating my periods were, it seemed like the only way to be able to live a normal life. 

The result of the hysterectomy was that the endometriosis symptoms settled, but I now was experiencing new symptoms and only with the help of myTamarin did I understand I was going through early menopause. 

myTamarin: Wow - that sounds like a huge stress on your life for such a long time. It must have really had a huge impact on you physically and emotionally. What were your symptoms that then made you reach out to myTamarin experts? 

Lisa: I could not remember names of colleagues, some of whom I had worked with for years, I was struggling retaining information and often burst into tears for no reason. On top of this, the temperature in the office seemed to be out of control and I could not stop sweating which I was finding mortifying to deal with. 

One day during a particularly difficult, teary moment, one of my older colleagues found me in a distressed way. I told her how I had been feeling since surgery - she said she had a friend experience the same and it ended up being Menopause.  I had not even considered it an option as I didn't realise it could happen to someone in their 30’s! She suggested I talk to a myTamarin Menopause Specialist.

myTamarin: That’s great you had a colleague there to signpost you for support. How was your first session with the expert? 

Lisa: It was a revelation! After YEARS of suffering first with endometriosis and then with surgical menopause, it was wonderful to have someone listen and then tell me I am not alone and my experience - sadly, is not unusual. 

We talked about medication, lifestyle and what to say to my GP. I was provided with a written set of notes which I could print off to take with me to my GP appointment. I booked in with my GP to get the medication I needed but continued with regular 1-1s with Moira at myTamarin as it was the first time in many years I had felt “normal” and that someone cared and understood. 

myTamarin: That’s wonderful to hear - have you since spoken to other colleagues about it?

Lisa: Yes - I am so grateful to myTamarin for the service but more so to my company for having the foresight and compassion to instigate the service into our staff welfare benefits. I have spoken with colleagues about it and discovered the vast array of services they provide. Some of my colleagues have used fertility support, and later, childcare services. I am now also part of a work menopause support group run by Moira, the wonderful myTamarin menopause nurse and speak to her whenever I need a question answered on the direct chat function in the app.

I would recommend the menopause service for anyone, whether they are suffering, know someone who is struggling or just want to learn more to support their colleagues. Book in, you won’t regret it! 

All I can say is thank you, it has helped me beyond belief and, finally, after many years I am able to appreciate life, enjoy my job and look to the future without pain, worrying about embarrassing leaks, mood swings, etc. I just wish myTamarin had come into my life years ago!

If you want to find out more about myTamarin support and how we can help your employees across fertility and family forming, pregnancy loss, early parenthood, childcare, menopause, and elder care please book in a call with us today to find out more!

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