myTamarin Menopause Series: Menopause and Chronic Conditions

Published: 11/08/2023

Introduction to our new series on managing menopause alongside a chronic condition.

Throughout life an individual can develop conditions that cannot be cured but are manageable, these are known as chronic conditions. 

As an individual begins to experience perimenopause symptoms and may require medication to control them, it is natural for them to worry about the interactions with their regular medications and/or if the menopause will have a negative impact on their other condition.

It is important to remember that whilst menopause is a natural progression in an individual’s life, it often causes dramatic changes in the chemistry of the body which can, in turn, change the efficacy of medications, the way they interact with the body and ongoing management. 

Menopause alone can lead to long-term health complications, like Osteoporosis and Coronary Heart Disease. Add in another chronic condition it becomes even more important to follow a healthy lifestyle.

According to the Office of National Statistics the last census in 2021 indicates just over half of female respondents stated they had one or more chronic conditions, many of those will be experiencing peri or post-menopause. 

The most common chronic conditions identified in the UK include allergies; Arthritis; chronic back pain; Hypertension; high cholesterol; Diabetes; Depression. There are many more conditions all requiring individualised management and may be complex in nature.

All this sounds scary, and yet another problem caused by menopause, but it is a problem that can be navigated successfully with the right support and management.

This series of articles aims to gain some insight into the relationship and co-management of menopause and other common, chronic conditions, including Diabetes; HIV; amongst others.

If you would like more advice and support around anything to do with menopause, book a 1-1 with a menopause expert via the myTamarin website or download the app.


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