The first ever over-the-counter HRT goes on sale!

Published: 10/11/2022

Gina 10mcg, what you need to know.

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Gina 10mcg vaginal tablets are used to treat symptoms of oestrogen deficiency such as vaginal dryness, soreness, burning, itching and pain during sexual intercourse.

As of September 2022 Gina 10mcg vaginal oestrogen tablets were made available without having to obtain a prescription from the GP.   

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) launched a public consultation in February 2022 and sought independent advice from the Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) prior to the decision to reclassify the drug from a prescription-only medicine (POM) to a pharmacy (P) medicine, allowing women to be able to obtain Gina 10mcg vaginal tablets without a prescription.  88% of responses from the public consultation were in favour of the reclassification.

This is a welcome decision by Dr Asha Kasiwal, President of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH).  DR Kasiwal acknowledges the barriers faced by women going through menopause, and that this decision provides women with an opportunity to take control of their own lives.

There is also a call for the government to work with pharmacies to ensure that Gina is affordable for all women so as not to exacerbate already existing inequalities in women’s healthcare.  The current RRP for Gina is £29.99, the first pack will last 7 weeks.  

Where can I purchase Gina?

Gina is now available to buy from Boots online without a prescription.  You can also purchase Gina at a Boots pharmacy.  Pharmacists will only be able to supply the medication after a consultation and when it is considered safe and suitable for the woman.  

Is Gina suitable for me?

Gina is only available over the counter for women who are 50 years or older and their last period was more than one year ago.  Any women who fall out of this category will need to speak to their GP.

There is an online suitability checker available at

How do I use Gina 10mcg?  

Gina 10mcg is a small tablet measuring 6mm in diameter, it is inserted into the vagina using a pre-loaded applicator.  The applicator is single-use only. Gina is usually inserted into the vaginal daily for the first 2 weeks then twice weekly thereafter. It can be used as long as you and your pharmacist think it is effective.  Ideally, you should discuss this with your pharmacist every 3 months.  Gina can also be used alongside vaginal moisturisers and lubricants.

How long does Gina take to work?

Gina starts to balance the pH in the vagina after around 2 weeks, and relief of symptoms can take up to 8 weeks. Gina will continue to work as long as you are using it, by replacing the oestrogen.  If you stop using it, the oestrogen will gradually decline and symptoms may return.

What if I am not suitable for Gina?

Other vaginal oestrogens are still available on prescription from your GP, such as Vagifem 10mcg vaginal tablet and oestrogen creams.  Low dose vaginal oestrogens have been used since 1991 and considered very effective in treating vaginal symptoms and have a well-established safety profile.

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