Fertility Advanced: How to optimise fertility treatment

Published: 21/09/2022

The steps to take to improve fertility treatment and increase the chance of getting pregnant during fertility treatment.

Fertility Services Alongside Fertility Treatments

Alongside recommended fertility treatment or advice, some clinics may offer services to complement this. They are not compulsory and there is some but limited evidence to support them. As they can be expensive, it is best to choose a therapy that is in your price range, a practitioner that is a member of a regulated association, and of course one that you will enjoy as it will make you feel good!

These can include:


A form of traditional Chinese medicine, where small thin needles are placed into specific points for approximately 15 minutes to stimulate blood flow. The theory behind acupuncture is that it restores the imbalance if the body’s energy, known as ‘qi’. Practitioners should be members of an association such as the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


An ancient therapy where the practitioners stimulate points known as reflexes that correlate with the systems and organs of the body. Practitioners should be members of the Associations of Reflexologists (AOR) or the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (AORR) or the CNHC.


When it comes to food and fertility there are obvious do’s and don’ts but who is the best person to turn to for advice? It can be easy to get confused between nutritional therapists, a nutritionist and a dietician. Nutritional therapy is based on the theory that the body has underlying nutritional and biochemical imbalances. Therapists usually recommend dietary modifications and supplements. A nutritionist is qualified to provide information on food and healthy eating. Registered dieticians are the only health professional who assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems.

Dieticians are the only nutritional professionals to be regulated by law and it is important to ensure that the therapist of your choice is included on the associated register such as the UK voluntary register of nutritionists, the British Association Nutritional Therapies (BANT) and the CNHC. The British Dietetic Association has specialised dieticians who are trained in fertility and maternity.

Supplements & Fertility Boosters: 

Please see our article on Lifestyle which goes into more depth on what exactly can boost fertility naturally, and what additional supplements you can take to improve fertility.


Whilst trying to conceive, it is beneficial to keep a positive mindset. This does not mean feeling happy and positive all of the time but acknowledging all of your feelings. This good be through keeping a journal, a gratitude diary, and incorporating small pleasures that make you feel good into your day. There are many support groups that you could join and some clinics have their own. 

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