Embracing the Positive Side of Menopause: A Journey of Empowerment and Liberation

Published: 04/08/2023

A positive look on Menopause

Menopause gets a bad press, often headlines scream the negatives of menopause, how individuals “suffer” with troublesome symptoms; HRT gets linked with many serious conditions and women are made to feel like second-class citizens because of their health issues. Surely there must be a good side, too?

What are the positive sides of menopause?

Despite the physical and emotional challenges it may bring, there is a brighter side to menopause that deserves recognition and celebration. 

Alleviation of Menstrual Symptoms

Firstly, the alleviation of menstrual symptoms means that any discomfort/pain from periods is no longer there. On top of this, there is no more worrying about whether a period is going to disrupt plans. Individuals can fully engage in daily activities without the disruptions associated with menstruation (worrying about leaking through clothes, being near a bathroom/remembering sanitary products).

Increased Focus on Health

Menopause serves as a reminder for women to prioritise their health and well-being. With hormone levels changing, some women may become more conscious of their diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices (especially because a healthier lifestyle helps with symptom management). This newfound focus on health can lead to positive habits, better stress management, and a decreased risk of certain health conditions, empowering women to take control of their future.

No Concern About Pregnancy

Another positive for some individuals is being able to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. Contraceptives can be stopped one year after the last period if this occurs after age 50 years or two years if the last period occurred before age 50 years. Without pregnancy risk, there is more freedom to enjoy sex. Although it is vital to remember the risk of sexual infections remains regardless and condoms should be used until these are ruled out if it is a new relationship/partner.

Elevation of Other Symptoms

Uterine Fibroids are benign growths which can cause pain, heavy bleeding and press against the bladder. Whilst it is not fully understood why fibroids occur it is known they are fed by Oestrogen and Progesterone, so when the hormone levels drop naturally, the fibroids begin to shrink. Individuals may find relief from symptoms without requiring surgery once menopause occurs.

Enhanced Sense of Self

Many individuals who have gone through menopause comment on finding they have an enhanced sense of self. As hormone levels fluctuate during menopause, many women experience a shift in their perspectives and priorities. 

The process can lead to a deep exploration of one's values and aspirations, allowing women to better understand their true selves. This heightened self-awareness often results in increased self-confidence, acceptance, and a stronger sense of purpose. 

In a study of post-menopausal individuals, many stated they had more confidence, cared less about what other people thought of them and felt calmer and more relaxed with their lives. Rather than the end of their lives, many felt it was a new beginning of sorts which they embraced and enjoyed.

Improved Relationships

Menopause can also positively impact relationships. As women go through this transition, communication and empathy become essential tools to navigate the emotional and physical changes. Partners, family members, and friends can grow closer during this time by offering support and understanding. The shared experience can lead to deeper connections and more profound intimacy.

You can also find you are sharing experiences with other individuals going through the same thing and bonding over these experiences and managing symptoms together (joining walking clubs, yoga classes etc.) 

What to do if you think you are going through Menopause

When an individual starts to experience symptoms of menopause whether it is because of surgical intervention or simply nature, they should seek help as soon as possible to help manage their transition, maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will help smooth the adjustment to the post-menopause phase.  

Menopause is an inevitable phase in a woman’s life and some individuals can experience very difficult symptoms, but with good management, healthy lifestyle choices and positive mindset, they can embrace this new challenge and become more powerful, capable and productive individuals within their families, workplace and community.

If you are struggling with menopause symptoms at the moment and would like to speak with a myTamarin expert, book in your 1-1 consultation or speak to one of the experts via the app. 


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