Pregnancy Loss Support for your Employees

Pregnancy Loss Support for your Employees

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Pregnancy Loss

Why your employees need support

1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage or stillbirth 

49% of affected employees are not offered leave

1 in 10 employees end up resigning due to lack of support

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Why myTamarin for Corporates?

Why myTamarin for Corporates - Pregnancy Loss

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myTamarin's Pregnancy Loss Experts

Meet Laura

Laura is our trusted expert in providing emotional support and practical guidance when it comes to the very personal and emotional experience of pregnancy loss. She has worked as a nurse in both Gynaecology and Fertility departments within the NHS. Laura strives to make a positive difference for women and their partners who have experienced pregnancy loss.

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Meet our fertility expert - fertility nurse

Resources for Employers
Employer Checklist

Employer Checklist

Detailed checklist to help you ensure you have all points covered.

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Our full whitepaper on the challenges for employees and employers, and what to do about it.

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See All Resources

See All Resources

See all of our pregnancy loss resources for employers.

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80% of all employees are in a vulnerable life stage right now, and are typically also the most valuable cohort to their employer. Improve their wellbeing to improve your retention rates and decrease the cost of (re)hiring.

Have your team connect to our expert practitioners and get the specialist care and support they need.

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FAQs: Employee Support for Pregnancy Loss

Should organisations have a pregnancy loss policy in the workplace?

Organisations should consider implementing a pregnancy loss policy in th...

Organisations should consider implementing a pregnancy loss policy in the workplace to provide support and accommodations for employees who experience pregnancy loss. A pregnancy loss policy demonstrates empathy, compassion, and sensitivity towards employees during a challenging and emotionally difficult time. For an example template of a robust pregnancy loss policy, feel free to leverage our pregnancy loss policy template under our pregnancy loss resources.

What can employers do to support pregnancy loss in the workplace?

With 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in stillbirth or pregnancy loss in the UK...

With 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in stillbirth or pregnancy loss in the UK, organisations need to make sure they have support in place to help employees navigate this very difficult period. Here are some example how employers can support:

Accessible information: Having a structured pregnancy leave policy in place creates an open culture free from stigma, makes sure employees feel comfortable in the workplace. Having a policy and guideline will help educate the HR team in supporting employees, and will inform your employees of their specific rights when it comes to their pregnancy loss (including time off).

Awareness in the workplace: Making sure there is a focus on educating the organisation on the impact of pregnancy loss on the workforce (resources, webinars, etc.) and how important it is to support individuals throughout this devastating period.

Staff training: Ensuring line managers understand how to have conversations with people who have experienced pregnancy loss and how they can support someone going through it. 

Outsource personalised support to experts: Pregnancy loss affects everyone differently. Whether it's your own loss or a loss of someone you love, the effects on both physical and mental health can vary massively. Consider introducing personalised expert led support for employees experiencing pregnancy loss.