New Parents and Early Parenthood Support for your Employees

New Parents and Early Parenthood Support for your Employees

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Early Parenthood

Why your employees need support

Only 28% of women vs 90% of men are in full-time employment after having a child

90% of mothers feel that they are not given enough support after returning to work

37% of new parents (especially mothers) want to resign due to the struggles of early parenthood

Product offering

Why myTamarin for Corporates?

Why myTamarin for Corporates - Early Parenthood

A 24/7 concierge service for your employees:

  • Unlimited 1on1 video consultations with experts
  • 24/7 in-app chat with expert
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Complete confidentiality

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myTamarin's Early Parenthood Experts

Meet Bianca

Bianca has been working as a midwife with the NHS, supporting 100s of women through their pregnancy and early parenthood journey. Bianca specialises in early newborn support, including lactation, and sleep! Nothing gives her more satisfaction than guiding a parent in getting their baby into a good sleeping routine.

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Meet our early parenthood expert

Resources for Employers
Employer Checklist

Employer Checklist

Detailed checklist to help you ensure you have all points covered.

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Our full whitepaper on the challenges for employees and employers, and what to do about it.

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See All Resources

See All Resources

See all of our early parenthood and new parent resources for employers.

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Overcoming challenges together

Be the company everybody wants to work for

80% of all employees are in a vulnerable life stage right now, and are typically also the most valuable cohort to their employer. Improve their wellbeing to improve your retention rates and decrease the cost of (re)hiring.

Have your team connect to our expert practitioners and get the specialist care and support they need.

  •  Retention 
  •  Diversity
  •  Wellness 
  •  Productivity 
  •  50% uptake

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The Six Key Life Stages

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FAQs: Employee Support for Early Parenthood

Should organisations have an early parenthood policy in the workplace?

Organisations should have an early parenthood policy in the workplace to...

Organisations should have an early parenthood policy in the workplace to provide clear guidelines and support for employees who have those responsibilities. A childcare policy ensures consistency and fairness in how the organisation addresses childcare-related issues. For an example template of a robust childcare policy, feel free to leverage our early parenthood policy template under our early parenthood resources.

What are ways that an employer can help with early parenthood?

Becoming a parent is fraught with additional responsibilities, pressures...

Becoming a parent is fraught with additional responsibilities, pressures, and emotions. Providing parenthood help in the workplace is essential. Your employees might not be prepared for what’s about to hit them—financially, physically, or emotionally, and the changes they experience will likely impact their working day, energy levels, and scheduling.

As an employer, you can make a significant difference to new parent employees, limiting or reducing the stress they bring to the workplace each day.

Finding ways to support your staff through exhaustion, anxiety, and scheduling requires thought and understanding. Offering flexibility, emotional support, communication, and viable solutions can mean the difference between keeping valuable workers on the team or losing them.

Parental leave policies: Implement generous parental leave policies that go beyond the legal requirements. Offering paid parental leave allows employees to take time off to care for their newborns or newly adopted children without worrying about their job security or financial stability.

Lactation support: Provide designated lactation rooms or private spaces for nursing mothers to express breast milk. Additionally, support policies that allow mothers to take breaks for breastfeeding or pumping throughout the workday.

Flexible work arrangements: employees may need to change on an informal basis the method of their working. Both formal and informal arrangements should be documented in writing so expectations are managed.

Personalised-Experts support: Newborn support can be either residential (i.e. provided by residential maternity nurses, night nannies, doulas or sleep consultants) or virtual support, provided by the same experts, but via virtual video consultations or chat / email support.

Either form of support helps expecting parents prepare for the birth and the arrival of a new baby or it addresses a variety of post-natal topics such as sleep, lactation, weaning, tantrums, separation anxiety. And similarly, offering support for parents returning to work through career coaching can significantly improve the experience for both parents. It will also result in attracting more women back to workplaces.

myTamarin can offer support across virtual and comprehensive so book in a discovery call to find out more.