Personalised Childcare support from the employer

Personalised Childcare Support for Your Employees

Work + family can work. Here is how.

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Why your employees need support

Mothers do 3x more childcare than fathers, which impacts their ability to work

Of working parents are concerned about their performance compared to peers without

Childbirth - and the lack of childcare - are the biggest drivers of gender pay gap

Product offering

Why myTamarin for Corporates?

Childcare virtual support 1on1 video calls and in-app chat

End-to-end childcare support:

  • Permanent childcare solutions (nursery, childminder, nanny)
  • Backup childcare
  • Virtual support via 1on1 video calls and 24/7 in-app chat
  • Complete confidentiality

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myTamarin's Childcare Experts

Meet Kelly

Kelly has more than twenty years of experience working with children and their families - both in a nursery setting and as a nanny. She draws on her psychology degree when advising parents on the best childcare arrangements for their families, and loves matching them with the perfect childcare provider.

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Meet our childcare expert - Kelly

Temporary and Permanent solutions

myTamarin offer elegant solutions for childcare challenges facing working parents.

What is Permanent childcare?
We will arrange the right nursery, childminder, nanny for your family
Video: View what kind of Permanent Childcare is available

What is Temporary or Back up childcare?
When the usual childcare arrangements fall through, your employees need ad hoc emergency childcare to maintain their productivity.

Resources for Employers
Employer Checklist

Employer Checklist

Detailed checklist to help you ensure you have all points covered.

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Our full whitepaper on the challenges for employees and employers, and what to do about it.

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See All Resources

See All Resources

See all of our childcare resources for employers.

Overcoming challenges together

Be the company everybody wants to work for

80% of all employees are in a vulnerable life stage right now, and are typically also the most valuable cohort to their employer. Improve their wellbeing to improve your retention rates and decrease the cost of (re)hiring.

Have your team connect to our expert practitioners and get the specialist care and support they need.

  •  Retention 
  •  Diversity
  •  Wellness 
  •  Productivity 
  •  50% uptake

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The Six Key Life Stages

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FAQs: Employee Support for Childcare

Should organisations have a childcare policy in the workplace?

Organisations should have a childcare policy in the workplace to provide...

Organisations should have a childcare policy in the workplace to provide clear guidelines and support for employees who have childcare responsibilities. A childcare policy ensures consistency and fairness in how the organisation addresses childcare-related issues. For an example template of a robust childcare policy, feel free to leverage our childcare policy template under our childcare resources.

What can employers do to support childcare in the workplace?

Employers can take several steps to support childcare in the workplace,...

Employers can take several steps to support childcare in the workplace, recognizing the importance of work-life balance and the challenges faced by employees with childcare responsibilities. Here are some ways employers can provide support:

Flexible work arrangements: Offer flexible work hours or telecommuting options to allow employees to balance their work and childcare responsibilities more effectively. This flexibility can help employees manage their schedules and reduce stress.

On-site childcare facilities: Establishing on-site childcare facilities or partnering with nearby daycare centres can make it easier for employees to access quality childcare services. This option can be particularly beneficial for parents who prefer their children to be nearby during the workday.

Subsidised childcare: Provide financial assistance or subsidies for childcare costs, either by offering direct financial support or partnering with local childcare providers to negotiate discounted rates for employees. This support can help alleviate some of the financial burden associated with childcare.

Parental leave policies: Implement generous parental leave policies that go beyond the legal requirements. Offering paid parental leave allows employees to take time off to care for their newborns or newly adopted children without worrying about their job security or financial stability.

Employee resource groups (ERGs): Establish employee resource groups focused on parenting and childcare. These groups can provide a supportive community for employees with childcare responsibilities, sharing tips, resources, and organising events related to parenting and work-life balance.

Employee communications: Ensure clear and open communication channels for employees to discuss their childcare needs and challenges. Encourage managers to have regular check-ins with their team members to understand and address any issues related to childcare.

By implementing these measures, employers can create a supportive and inclusive work environment that recognizes and addresses the childcare needs of their employees, leading to increased job satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention.